Major Events

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Preliminary feasibility study completed


Project Development study commenced

2021 (March-Nov)

Inter-secondary Schools VR Competition for Green Deck Landscape Design

2021 (June)

Value Management Workshop for Green Deck Study

2021 (October)

Forum cum Webinar on Technical Challenges and Use of Value Management for Resolution

2021 (November)

A Dialogue with PolyU: Proposed Green Deck over Hung Hom Cross Harbour Tunnel Toll Plaza 

2022 (February)

Webinar via Zoom: Re-inventing Urban Space – From Green Deck to Elevated Cities

2022 (August)

Inter-Secondary School Green Deck Landscape Design Competition 2022

2022 (October)

Joint Professional Forum + Public Exhibition

2023 (March)

Forum on Consideration of Carbon Neutrality on Green Deck Design

2023 (March)

Forum on the Green Deck – Into the Green and Innovative Community

2023 (April)

Professional forum on Technical challenges of constructing a green deck at the cross harbour tunnel toll plaza

2023 (April)

Professional forum on The design, opportunities and benefits of the proposed green deck at the cross harbour tunnel toll plaza

2023 (May)

Forum + Exhibition Proposed Green Deck at the Cross Harbour Tunnel Toll Plaza