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Discovery on innovation ideas

Completed Researches by PolyU scholars

Scholars from PolyU have carried out many researches related to Green Deck. To learn more about the Green Deck concept, please have a look at the following studies:

1. Dr WT Hung_A study on the proposed Green Deck at Cross Harbour Tunnel – Assessment of pedestrian circulation and vehicular traffic emissions
2. Prof. SK Tang_Effect of the Green Deck on the local noise environment
3. Prof. SC Lee_Effect of the Green Deck on local air quality
4. Prof. HX Yang_Renewable energy applications on the Green Deck
5. Prof. JL Niu_Ventilation strategies for bus passenger waiting areas and boarding passages
6. Prof. CS Poon_Maximise the use of recycled glass in cement-based construction materials for the Green Deck
7. Prof. Eddie Hui_The effect of the Green Deck on the local real estate market
8. Prof. Edwin Chan_A framework for stakeholder engagement to formulate the proposed Green Deck project at Cross Harbour Tunnel
9. Prof. Frances Wong_The health and social impact of the Green Deck project on the population living in the neighborhood
10. Prof. Edwin Chan_Costs and benefits analysis on the thermal effect of the Green Deck to the surrounding outdoor environment
11. Prof. CK Chau_Investigating the effects of greenery on temperature and thermal comfort in urban parks
12. Prof. Timothy Joseph Jachna_Programme for the Green Deck
13. Dr SC Hsu_Cost-benefit analysis of the Green Deck development
14. Prof. HX Yang_Research and development of solar PV pavement for application on Green Deck
15. Prof. Haiyan Song_The Economic Contribution of the Green Deck Project
16. Prof. Geoffrey Shen_A Study of the Development Potential in Tsim Sha Tsui East Using 3D Spatial Analysis Technologies
17. Mr Alex Lui From Grey to Green (Paper for World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017)
18. Mr Alex Lui From Grey to Green (Paper for publication on Academic Star Publishing Company in U.S. in 2017)

On-going research for Green Deck Study

A background air quality monitoring and air purification control technologies for the Green Deck is being carried out. Stay tuned for more updates!

Other foreign studies and examples

Here are some foreign studies and examples that you may also be interested in:

The High Line, New York

Cheonggyecheon, Seoul

Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway (Big Dig), Boston

Madrid RIO, Madrid